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With a professionally equipped home clinic in Studley on the borders between Warwickshire and Worcestershire, I offer a Sports Massage of either 30 or 60 minutes (or longer if required). As of January 2019 I am also offering Taster Sessions of 20 minutes for £15.

Equally, I can travel to any location of your choice within an approximately 10 mile radius, covering Redditch, Henley in Arden, Alcester, Warwick and Stratford on Avon.

You don't need to bring anything, as I will come fully equipped with a professional massage bench, towels and oils.

What is a Sports Massage?

Sports Massage is the skilled treatment of soft tissue for the relief of muscle soreness and pain, supporting the maintenance of muscle balance and improving flexibility. It aids muscle rehabilitation and can help with the prevention from injury.

The difference to other forms of massage, which mainly aim to provide physical and mental relaxation, is that a sports massage supports physical recovery as well a muscular alignment.


Who benefits from a Sports Massage?

Don't be fooled by the name - a sports massage isn't just for athletes. Whether you are a pro or the occasional runner, someone wanting to get fit or perhaps just suffering from those long hours at your desk, a sports massage can help alleviate muscle pain and revitalise the body after just a few sessions.

In summary, it benefits everyone who wants to

  • Maintain their bodies in better condition

  • Increase mobility

  • Restore injured muscle tissue

  • Boost performance

  • Break down scar tissue

  • Improve tissue elasticity

  • Improve circulation

  • Reduce pain

  • Manage anxiety


What happens during a session?

First of all, we will discuss your medical history and your exercise habits if any. I will do a full posture analysis and identify the areas that need work and'll get straight onto it, to bring all this lovely, fresh oxygenated blood to the muscles by increasing its flow. A sports massage also entails lymphatic stimulation, meaning that toxins who are responsible for the build up of lactic acid and those nasty cramps will leave the body quicker. After the session you will be asked to drink a pint of water before you rejoin the world feeling renewed.


Massage trivia - A 60 minute massage is the equivalent to 8 hours sleep to your body

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